Exclusive Interview with Quanergy on LiDAR’s Awesome Potential to Improve Safety, Smart Cities, Robotics, Mapping and Profitability

The worldwide LiDAR market is set to cross $10B by 2025, growing at 30-35%. The market consists of a number of sectors. We had an exclusive interview with Enzo Signore, the CMO at Quanergy, a leader in the LiDAR space to learn more.


M8 Mechanical LiDAR

The company is a major player in the 3D-mapping space via their M8 sensor which works in virtually any weather. Multiple laser beams and Time-of-Flight (TOF) depth perception result in 3D point clouds for spatial sensing. With a 360° field of view, 420,000 points per second, long measurement range, high accuracy, and fine resolution.

The M8 features Multi-LiDAR Fusion, Quanergy’s proprietary smart technology that combines multiple LiDARs into a single unified point cloud, for tracking unique objects in complex environments.

“When I joined the company, I interviewed five customers and they told me we have the best performance in the industry by a factor of two.” Enzo exclaimed. “When you connect it to a drone for aerial mapping, the drone can fly faster and higher as a result… To clear power lines.”

S3-2 Solid-State LiDARSensor

The systems provide higher-resolution scans which customers can turn into higher-priced solutions for their customers. Construction is one such industry where accuracy and visual quality matter.

In fact, earlier this month, Geodetics selected Quanergy as a mapping partner for their LiDAR Drone mobile mapping systems. According to a press release, after conducting a series of drive and flight tests to validate the sensor performance, Geodetics added Quanergy’s M8 sensor to its LiDAR Mapping and Photogrammetry systems offering the best range and number of returns for Geo-MMS customers.

Enzo explained the sensor is also being used in applications scouting for Mayan ruins and forestry – where they can determine tree density.

Quanergy LiDAR data meshed with video camera imagery provides color 3D model Courtesy of Geo-info


LiDARcan provide great value in the security space and can be better than other technologies like cameras which can’t see well at night and radar which can see far away – a few kilometers but not closer. LiDAR can see 50-100 meters from a wall while working in rain and snow. Sophisticated machine-learning allows for object detection and classification for things like cars, animals and people. Connecting it with security software – a user can zoom and point to an object and track it around the perimeter, dispatching guards as needed.

“The solution has a low number of false alarms” Enzo exclaimed.

Smart City

Governments are deploying smart traffic lights and smart intersections with multiple sensors across intersections. This helps with pedestrian safety and traffic flows while allowing smarter communications to vehicles.

The company has partnered with Cisco and Geely in China.


FAA regulations mandate the need to know how long wait times will be at airports meaning the need to estimate the wait time at queuing points. Quanergy solutions are assisting 17 airports in this capacity.

Access Control

The company has a hardware and software solution which works with access control systems to spot tailgaters coming into a building with an authorized person. This can be useful for buildings, a control room or NOC.

Parking Lots/Roadways

LiDAR can also be used to track open parking spaces and track vehicle speeds – it is being used for the latter in Paris.


LiDAR is also being used in robotics – to allow them to see – for object detection, collision avoidance and precision… Being able to remove the top box in a warehouse without error.


We are likely all familiar with lidar used in automotive applications. Enzo pointed out the challenge in this space is cost.


“You need to have something that costs hundreds of dollars,” Enzo said. “Not thousands.”

Enzo explained, his company makes the only solid-state LiDARfrom silicon-based CMOS components using a 12-inch wafer.

Enzo Signore, CMO Quanergy

“No moving parts means a high MTBF,” he exclaimed. “They have incredible reliability. Especially in vibration-prone environments.”


LiDAR can be used in retail for a number of applications. It can help in parking – getting people to spaces more quickly so they can spend more time shopping. It can also be used to monitor crowds in malls, department stores and car dealers, to determine where crowds congregate. This will allow for better store design, marketing and determining how to maximize flow, sales and impulse buying/profitability.


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