Family Plans Coming to Verizon

It took about six months for carriers to respond to my suggestion – and many families will be happy they did.

Back in December I wrote about the need for carriers to offer group data plans – especially for families. Specifically I said:

But one wonders if carriers aren’t doing themselves a long-term disservice by not coming up with some sort of group or family plan for devices. In this way they get consumers to ante up a bit more – let’s say for example $10-$20/month per device for dedicated 3G.

Today, I noticed on TMCnet’s sister information technology site (I am the CEO of global media company TMC) TechZone360 an article about how Verizon will offer family plans in the future. I think this is a smart move and amazingly in the last few months my family has added yet another tablet to the mix meaning a family plan which would allow kids to inexpensively and occasionally use 3G/4G would fit our needs nicely. How about yours?

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