FCC CTO Eric Burger and TMC CEO Rich Tehrani to Keynote Ideacom 2018


The pace of change in technology continues to increase and if your company generates its income from helping customers deal with these advancements, it’s up to you to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Moreover, you need a general awareness of the regulatory environment and what issues are being addressed by the federal government; now and in the future.

It’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Yours Truly (Rich Tehrani) will be giving a keynote presentation at the Ideacom 2018 conference in Washington DC, April 8-10, 2018. The focus of our presentation will be on what resellers and MSPs need to know to adapt to the changing technology landscape. Between the acquisitions and new product announcements it’s a full time job just to keep up with how different companies are looking to potentially steal your customers or otherwise box you out.

Fortunately, much of our time is spent studying the news and digesting it, so as to help you navigate the future. In addition, we regularly meet with the CEOs of the industry players to ascertain their changing strategies pertaining to you and your customers.

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More importantly, we’re thrilled to have the CTO of the FCC also giving a keynote presentation. We are humbled by the fact and more importantly excited that this person is Eric Burger (pictured). He is an advisor to Chairman Ajit Pai and is one of the most pensive and knowledgeable people we know in the business. He will handle the regulatory side of things while I handle the future and current business opportunities.

This is an important combination because the FCC can literally create new opportunities overnight. When it allowed WiFi airwaves to be used, it revolutionized the way all devices communicated. You can’t have VoWiFI without WiFi, right?? Similarly, future technologies could dramatically change the competitive environment for you and your customers. White spaces for example (think WiFi on steroids). Staying ahead of these trends could mean the difference between growing and failing.

Looking forward to seeing you in force in DC. Check out the details for more!

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