Fenero Aims to Disrupt Cloud Contact Center Pricing

Cloud-based contact center solutions have been priced fairly uniformly in the past… You pay per seat and feature. You want to add more peoplefenero-logo.png or features such as analytics, etc. and you pay more. Some vendors offer an all-inclusive solution of course meaning the only variable is the number of seats but regardless, the model has been fairly static for the past few decades – starting back in the nineties when the term ASP was what we used to describe the space.

Now, a seven-month old company called Fenero wants to turn all of this on its head with transaction-based pricing meaning you don’t actually fenero-marlon-williams.pngpay until you use the software. Imagine setting up a call center with hundreds of agents and training them for a month and not having to pay for the privilege. Only when customers start engaging does the meter start running.

This is a start-up’s dream. It further disrupts the contact center equipment market in ways which will keep current players up late after reading this blog post.

In a recent discussion with Marlon Williams (pictured) the Founder and CEO of Fenero he tells me they are working out final pricing models but the cloud-based service will cost 2.5 cents or less per minute of calling and e-mail and chats will cost 2 cents per transaction.


Fenero says his company provides solutions for companies of all sizes and while they are focused primarily on medium-sized organizations or larger, their solution could be used by the 5-seat center as well. Specifically they offer support for full inbound IVR and ACD; outbound manual, preview, and predictive dialing; quality assurance (QA scoring and auditing, 100% call recording, and live monitoring); email routing and chat. They also provide native apps for iPhone and iPad users to manage their operations. Fenero does not rely on any third-party offerings to deliver any of these or other services – they are all intrinsic components of their Asterisk-based system.


Williams explained further the company’s software is gorgeous (judge for yourself above) and there are no hidden fees. He further emphasized their support is ridiculously fanatical as they consider themselves an extension of their customers’ IT department and say they always available 24x7x365 via email, phone, or Skype.

He closed by saying up-front licensing is dead and so is per-month subscription-based licensing. Finally he exclaimed, “We are ushering a new wave of contact center software business models.” This new model of course if successful has the potential to shake up the cloud in profound ways and could usher in a new era of entrepreneurs who can literally start-up on a shoe-string.

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