Google Employee Enforces Cell Phone Ban in Cars

Absolutely hilarious – A Google employee decided he would take a stand against drivers who talk on their cell phone in their cars by well – standing in front of a car where the driver was talking on the phone. In this case it was Michael Arrington who placed his car in park so he could get out and discuss the situation with the person. When the door opened the Googler fled.

Either Michael Arrington is one mean-looking dude or perhaps those Google employees are less tough when they leave the world of algorithms. Anyway, here is the picture of the Googler who Michael Arrington is looking for. According to Michael he wants to know who it is so he can send him a T-shirt. Yeah sure – I wouldn’t be surprised if the shirt is wrapping a 2-week old herring.


  • Nicole
    April 19, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    I think he’s pretty brave for a googler!

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