Herman Cain Page Views Greater Than Others Combined

As of tomorrow it will be three weeks since I wrote my post regarding Herman Cain Crushing it Online and to see how much staying power he has I went back to Alexa and did some analysis on all the major candidates. As a refresher, this graph below shows Cain’s late September ascent with a week’s worth of results.


The question on everyone’s mind of course is will Cain be a flash in the pan like Perry was. To get an idea of what happened to Perry, check out the graph below where Perry’s page views (mustard yellow) spiked for a few days in late August and rapidly descended below Romney whose traffic is represented by the red line below Cain. As you can see, Cain has not only sustained the lead in page views over other candidates but his page views are accelerating and are greater than all other major candidates combined.


To put this in perspective, Newt Gingrich recently released his new 21st Century Contract With America and promoted it on his website. This contract is the second one he proposed – the last one was the basis of the Republican House majority sweep in 1994 during the Clinton presidency mid-term elections. In other words – there should be substantial interest in his plan and website yet his traffic peaked between Sept 26-Oct 3rd and continues to decline.


What shouldn’t be discounted however is the rise of Mitt Romney who is not setting the world on fire with page views but seems to be the only candidate besides Cain growing in traffic.

With the election about 13 months away there is obviously a lot that can happen but for now, Herman Cain seems to have captured the imagination of the nation with his no-nonsense plain-spoken solutions to problems and belief in self-reliance as opposed to wealth redistribution induced government dependance.

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