HTML5 Week in Review

Big Facebook, Financial Times and Acrobat HTML5 News

Facebook declares war on Apple: Its only Thursday and this week has been a huge one so far with regards to HTML5 – with Facebook looking like it will have a new HTML5 app which bypasses the Apple App Store. Is it in fact “declaring war?” I am not sure but after the recent news from Microsoft relating to HTML5 – the trend in the market is clear.

HTML5 Video on Set Top Boxes: Then there is the news that ActiveVideo’s new CloudTV platform will have HTML5 support as well. How soon till we can watch all TV on any browser which supports the newest HTML variant?

Really Popular Financial Times: I recently covered the new HTML5 app from the Financial Times which I love. Now it turns out the app has had 100,000 downloads in week! This is a bit surprising to me because as most of us know the app isn’t really a download since it is cloud-based but hey its positive HTML5 news – even if it makes no sense so I thought I’d share. smiley-embarassed

Acrobat on HTML5 Coming Soon: Finally, the open-source developer community has embraced HTML5 as well – the new pdf.js project in fact isan open-source initiative to bring a native PDF reader to the world of HTML5 and JavaScript – without the need for an external app with its different interface, etc. Here is an excerpt:

What’s next?

We intend to use pdf.js to render PDFs “natively”, within Firefox itself. Our most immediate goal is to implement the most commonly used PDF features so we can render a large majority of the PDFs found on the web. We believe we can reach that point in less than 3 months (the entire code so far is less than one month old, and it already renders a large set of PDF features).

Initially we will make a Firefox extension available to interested users that enables inline PDF rendering using pdf.js, but our ultimate goal is of course shipping pdf.js with Firefox. This will result in a substantial usability but also security improvement for our users. pdf.js uses only safe web languages and doesn’t contain any native code pieces attackers could exploit.

In all an awesome week for HTML fans and developers looking for the next big trend in the market. It looks like the 15-year Post Internet Boom Mega-Cycle predicted by Roger McNamee, managing director and co-founder of Elevation Partners has begun in earnest.

TMC where I am CEO is cosponsoring an HTML5 event called DevCon5 in Manhattan, July 27-28, 2011 and the show is a must-attend for developers, designers, media companies and executives who don’t want to be left in the dust.

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