Important HD Voice Research Report Available

You probably know I have been a huge proponent of HD voice as to me it’s an inevitable outcome of transitioning away from the PSTN to IP-based networks which allow us to upgrade CODECs without having to downshift our conversations to technology which was invented many decades ago. When I was a kid, television was an 11 inch black-and-white screen which seemed to always have Walter Cronkite on it and changing the channels was a manual and rotary process.

Yet, the incredible tech advancements we have seen in the television space haven’t yet fully materialized in the world of telephony. Sure, I can have high-quality conversations if a call stays on IP networks and there is no need for transcoding or jumping onto the public switched telephone network. But for most calls we all make, this technology advancement is unheard – so the problem is solved but not in a way which really helps on most of our calls.

My thoughts and a panel of experts from ITEXPO East 2009 Miami on the future of HD voice

The good news is the opportunity to improve the quality of all phone calls will only grow over time as equipment is replaced, IP communications becomes more widely embraced and peering of VoIP networks becomes the norm, not the exception.

That’s why I am thrilled to announce that TMC – the company where I am CEO has partnered with HD Voice News to publish the first comprehensive report on the market and opportunity for HD voice technology and services.

I recently had a chance to look at the report and give the author, Doug Mohney my opinions. It was an impressive piece of work and Doug’s credentials in the market after being a contributing editor here at TMC for years, working at Fierce Markets and VON Magazine in the past make him the go to guy when writing such a report.

The one point I’d like to leave my readers with is why is it we spend so much more money on gear and services which support HD TV but when it comes to voice, we don’t do a good job educating or differentiating services – let alone charging more? The answer is there are still challenges such as HD voice interop and the dreaded PSTN. This report should hopefully help the key decision-makers at carriers, enterprises and equipment companies see where the challenges and opportunities lie in taking the communications market to the next level. Here is a press release discussing the report in more detail and a site where you can order the report.

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