Independence IT, The Multivendor Desktop-as-a-Service Company

The cloud is the answer – what was the question? That seems to be a common tech theme these days and for good reason. The ability for clouds to reduce complexity and time-to-market for companies is unrivaled by even the most competent It departments.

However, in order to be able to properly leverage the heterogeneousScott Markley-Independence IT, The Multivendor Desktop-as-a-Service Company.jpg cloud, we need numerous layers of abstraction for various applications and service so as to leverage the right servers in the right locations at the right time. Some of the reasons could have to do with cost, government regulations, compliance or just to be able to run the business more flexibly.

Recently I had a chance to learn about Independence IT, competing in the Desktop-as-a-Service/Virtual Application/Workspace-as-a-Service areas against vendors such as Citrix and VMware. Scott Markley Senior Vice President explained their service enablement platform allows companies to run remote applications and workspace as a service across public or private clouds.

Benefits include a single plane-of-glass for deployment and control, a containerized workspace-as-a-service and as mentioned in the title, a multivendor cloud strategy – leveraging VLAN and SDN. The multivendor angle is smart because like a CDN, companies can choose to keep the PoP as close to users as possible for performance reasons and Independence IT makes managing this across a large organization far easier.

The control plane is API-driven meaning they can extend their platform into existing systems – tying in billing and administering all their services in one place. This allows seamless service to the end user from an MSP or VAR who will typically charge $75-100/user per month including help desk, monitoring, Exchange, data and apps.

The next area of growth for the company is identity management which makes sense because once again it’s about abstraction… If you have services strewn throughout private and public clouds, it is best to have a central lock-and-key allowing users access to the right information at the right time. A logical move for Independence IT in a world looking to simplify the move to a multi-cloud world.

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