InfoVista and Ipanema Technologies Poised to Enable New Carrier Services

The WAN optimization market is expected to more than double in size from 2014 to 2019 eventually hitting $12.1 billion according to MarketsandMarkets. It’s no wonder – Cyril Doussau de Bazignan explained to me in a recent meeting that as more companies adopt SaaS, they have the challenge of ensuring critical applications have adequate performance at the expense of applications which are secondary in importance.

Cyril works at InfoVista, a leading provider of IP and RF planning, Cyril Doussau.jpgassurance and optimization software solutions and they recently acquired WAN optimization and application performance leader Ipanema Technologies. He went on to say CIOs have to deal with the challenges of a multitude of applications running on their network while at the same time, enterprises are looking to offload more traffic to the internet to save money. As a result, this puts more pressure on communications service providers or CSPs.

The numbers are somewhat sobering actually. According to the company:

  • Companies use 22x more SaaS applications than 2013
  • 48% of CIOs say they have far more applications than the business requires – this is an increase from 34% in 2013
  • Over 80% of employees use non-approved SaaS apps at work
  • 70% of bandwidth is consumed by non-critical applications
  • 79% of organizations still suffer from application performance issues despite bandwidth issues

His company helps carriers and the enterprise with application visibility and control. By prioritizing traffic, they can ensure the performance of the most critical apps in their organization. In addition, dynamic WAN selection allows the solution to choose the best path based on the criticality of the application. This is all managed in a fully-automated fashion via their SALSA multi-tenant central management platform.

These features are available he said in a private cloud or a data center and consumers of the applications or corporate workers can be at home or anywhere else when taking advantage of these features. In fact he said, this can be part of a new offering for CSPs – performance as a service which of course is powered by the Ipanema Technologies’ SD WAN.

In order to configure the service, the administrator assigns objectives for various applications such as top, high, medium or low – where top is as close to real-time as possible. In addition, CSPs can take advantage of DPI and optimize data delivery as needed.

In fact the synergies between InfoVista and Ipanema are significant, allowing carriers to benefit from IP and RF planning as well as application optimization and delivery. The company likes to say they orchestrate application and network performance to guarantee business application experience in a digitized world through carrier-grade solutions.

Bottom line – CSPs are in a great position to provide application-aware network services and InfoVista/Ipanema solutions allow carriers to enhance their product and service offerings by providing MPLS-like services for a variety of applications. Moreover, these solutions can be VNFs allowing carriers to integrate them into their forward-looking SDN/NFV network transformations – or software telcos.

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