Interop Bound and Thanks

Another year, another Interop. I am off once again across the country to Vegas where I will likely spend more time standing in line than I will sleeping. How amazing is the fact that you can build a city in the middle of nowhere and after fifty years get people from all over the world to come visit your city and spend their precious time waiting. Waiting to gamble; waiting to eat; waiting for a hotel room; waiting, waiting, waiting.

Thankfully I will have all my gadgets and gizmos and will continue to blog and email away while I wait, wait for everything.

Having said all that, although I do despise the cab line that comes with the Vegas airport I do like the fact that the airport is not too far from the strip and moreover, at least Vegas is closer to Connecticut than California is.

How is that for turning my lemons into lemonade? It’s all about perspective I guess

I have some really great meetings planned and I can’t be more excited about this year for TMC. We expect 2008 to be an even better year than 2007 and at this rate this year will be one of the top 2 or 3 years in our company’s 36 year-old history.

The incredible TMC team has grown tremendously and it is amazing to see this well-oiled machine continue to delight customers and exceed expectations.

Thanks once again to our readers, conference attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers for making this all possible.

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