IoT MVNO PodSystem Pledges More Partnerships and Not to Compete with Customers

Business travelers get the idea of the single SIM card which allows global connectivity at reasonable pricing. I’ve written about companies like Gigsky, Xcom and Truphone before – providers of such SIM solutions which work across a number of global carriers.

In the IoT space, the need is just as great – in fact, you might say it’s even greater. I say this because, when there is a potential glitch with a universal SIM solution which could happen occasionally, due to configuration errors and the like, a user can always revert to a local SIM or even their home SIM with roaming turned on. In the world of IoT, this is not an option… Things have to work, be cost-effective and of course support is still an issue so you need someone to pick up the phone if there is a problem.

PodsystemM2M is an IoT MVNO and I recently sat down with Natasha Nader, Director Strategic Partnerships and Sam Colley, CEO to hear how their business has progressed since our recent video interview of late last year. One area of note is the solution is able to fall back on a secondary carrier if the primary has an issue. A nice touch – especially for mission-critical applications.

The company has a white label solution as well as a conventional one and they have integration with partners such as Ingenu. As a data connectivity provider for M2M/IoT, they differentiate themselves by being more nimble but still providing important features like 20 hours of phone support each day.

Going forward, Podsystem expects to have more collaboration and partnerships with industry players but wants to steer clear of competing with customers – unlike what’s happening with some of the larger wireless players lately via their historic acquisitions.

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