ITEXPO Miami 2013 and Startup Camp7, Waiting for Sculley

It’s the second day of ITEXPO – I am at StartUp Camp7 listening to startups pitch the audience and panel on why their applications are the best. The founder of ProtegGO is speaking right now – he seems to have the audience interested. The idea behind the app is tthat a few minutes can save lives in an emergency. the app alerts 15 people in the event of an emergency.


Here are some pictures of the room and the Show Daily from today which has news about Battle for the Cloud, Telefonica, NSN, SBCs, Genesys, Trufone and more. John Sculley takes the stage very soon – I can’t wait. He is one of the most interesting people I can imagine meeting in the tech space and we are very fortunate he chose to speak here.


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