ITEXPO will help Explain the Coming Cloud Upgrade

The cloud is changing how technology is bought, sold and used. The very economics of business have shifted as a result. When Yahoo launched, it needed boatloads of multimillion dollar Sun Microsystems servers just to have the computing capacity needed to deliver services. Now, companies can just pay as they go and purchase as much cloud as they need to get a job done. They don’t have to build a data center months or years in advance to deal with the potential new business.

Yet, as much as we hear about cloud innovation impact on business, we don’t often hear about the advancements in the guts of the cloud. The interconnections between physical and virtual machines which allow compute tasks to scale across physical locations and beyond.

Imagine if we could redefine how data centers are built. Think about a more flexible way of delivering data between machines or between machines and storage. A world where the ever-growing number of cores didn’t directly cause an increase in potentially debilitating switch traffic.

This is the area where Fiber Mountain plays.

We are fortunate enough to have the company founder M.H. Raza with us at ITEXPO 9:30 am Wed Jan 28th where we will talk about the future of data centers and the cloud.

There are profound implications here – because when server interconnection is rethought, the need for physical switches suddenly comes into question. Are endless and ever-larger switches the best way of interconnecting cores and storage? Think about the potential for disruption in the technology markets if the role of the switch were to even partially change. In other words, will the server eat the switch or at least top of rack switches?

Come to ITEXPO to find out more and watch this interview between me and Raza if I’ve piqued your interest.

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