Jeff Pulver, Andy Abramson, Craig Walker, Alon Cohen, Mike Tribolet, Andy Voss and Danny Windham at ITEXPO Next Week

Panel to celebrate 20 years of IP communications/VoIP and discuss its future.


Next week at the 29th ITEXPO, I get the pleasure of moderating a panel with some super heavy hitters in the world of communications.

Craig Walker is the man behind Dialpad Communications – the dotcom sensation as well as GrandCentral Communications and UberConference. Basically, he was responsible for the communications systems Yahoo and Google provide us today and more.

Jeff Pulver is famous for lots of things such as being the founder of Vonage, launching the super-successful VON tradeshows – as ITEXPO was a competitor – I can tell you, he and his team built a super-strong brand. He further was involved in helping the FCC decide to not regulate certain types of IP communications. Finally, he is an advocate of net neutrality and serial entrepreneur and investor.

Alon Cohen is responsible for developing the first commercial VoIP software at VocalTec. He is a humble man who brought inexpensive communications to more people than Alexander Graham Bell. He is still actively involved in VoIP working for

Andy Abramson launched one of the first blogs on the IP communications market… He watched it all happen and was never afraid to give his candid opinion on where the tech was heading. In addition, Andy has a successful agency Comunicano – providing advisory services in public relations, reputation management and more. He was also an integral part of KenRadio – the first online tech radio show.

Mike Tribolet was the VP of Operations at DialPad, the President of Vonage and the Chief Business Officer at magicJack VocalTec. Currently he is the Chairman of YipTV providing OTT programming to the masses.

Andy Voss and his company Nuera Communications were both leaders in the voice over frame relay space – before VoIP ever existed. Today, his company Sansay is a market leader in SBCs – keeping VoIP systems safe and secure for carriers worldwide.

Danny Windham was the President of Adtran for 17 years and is the current CEO of Digium – the company behind the open-source communications platform known as Asterisk. In the same way VoIP has allowed the transport of communications at extremely low cost, Digium has been responsible for bringing essentially free communications systems to the masses.

You can’t do justice to a panel like this with words – these people truly changed the world of not only communications but technology. SIP trunking is saving companies billions of dollars because IP communications was developed. Free video on your phone and computer are thanks to the developments made in this industry. The flexible systems which allow phone calls to follow us around today are also thanks to many of the accomplishments of the people on this list and others.

The last 20 years have been incredibly disruptive and I have a strong hunch these people will have a strong sense of what the future will bring.

Be sure to come to ITEXPO next week in Miami and see this panel at 10:00-10:45 am on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015.

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