MegaPath Leverages Years of Experience to Lead in SD-WAN


MegaPath is in a unique position in the SD-WAN space as they were on the leading edge of the MPLS curve and SD-WAN in many cases is becoming a competing or even next-generation technology. In 2012, the company even hosted an MPLS University which we attended at ITEXPO in Florida. Dan Foster is the COO of the company and we decided to get his take on the market. Here is our interview:

When and how did you get into the SD-WAN market? 

MegaPath launched its first SD-WAN solution, SD-WAN Pro, in early 2016. SD-WAN Pro capabilities include centralized network management and monitoring, QoS-based priority routing, session-level application performance monitoring and standard network security protocols including IPsec VPN, load balancing and failover (both wired and wireless).  A year later, we expanded our portfolio with the introduction of SD-WAN Enterprise, adding capabilities such as bi-directional priority routing, real-time application failover, packet-level application performance monitoring, true bandwidth aggregation, complete network performance visibility, and additional Advanced Security capabilities.

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Tell us more about your particular offerings in this space.

MegaPath offers several key advantages compared to other SD-WAN providers:

  • Best-of-breed, multi-vendor approach to SD-WAN and Security, giving businesses the flexibility to build a solution that’s the right fit for their business needs, size and budget.
  • Fully-managed service that includes full-solution design engineering, dedicated project management, and white-glove support
  • 100% U.S.-based expert technical support, available 24/7/365
  • 100% Uptime SLA with SD-WAN Enterprise package, guaranteeing substantial service credits equal to $1,000 or 50% of monthly recurring charges, whichever is greater. (See
  • Free Proactive Circuit monitoring for all circuits, including 3rd-party circuits (non-MegaPath provided)
  • MegaPath’s expertise combined with its broad portfolio gives real value to partners that desire a broad range of high-value services from a single nationwide provide

What is driving enterprise interest in SD-WAN?

Today’s businesses simply can’t afford downtime. With the increasing reliance on the cloud, the cost of downtime has grown exponentially, and the need for always-on, reliable WAN connectivity has become a business imperative. MegaPath’s SD-WAN solutions address the increasing bandwidth demands of our customers and empower businesses of all sizes to realize the full potential of the cloud. 

What is the biggest pain your solutions take away for customers?

Downtime.  Downtime is the Achilles to any business no matter the vertical.  Today, if you don’t have reliable, always-on access to the Internet, your business will suffer or even die.  Simply put, SD-WAN eliminates downtime without breaking the bank or over-tasking resources, making zero-downtime accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What is your target audience?

Mid-sized enterprises looking to migrate from MPLS to a fully-managed SD-WAN solution are our sweet spot, although we also offer a solution for SMBs that are seeking a low-cost entry point to the popular networking technology.

How do you go to market? Direct? MSPs? Carriers? Etc.

We go to market through direct and indirect channels. We have inside sales teams focused on solutions for the SMB and the Enterprise, and an active network of channel partners comprised of master agencies, alliance and referral partners.

What synergistic technologies and markets are aided by SD-WAN?

Hosted Voice, UCaaS, Managed IT and Managed Security services

What regions of the world will be most disrupted by SD-WAN?

The SD-WAN market is exploding across all major geographic regions. Its affordability and ease of adoption knows no boundaries wherever there are businesses that require reliable access to the Internet.

How do you differentiate your company from others in the market?

As stated above, we offer key advantages over other SD-WAN providers:

  • Best-of-breed, multi-vendor approach to SD-WAN and Security
  • Fully-managed service with full-solution design engineering, dedicated project management, and white-glove support
  • 100% U.S.-based tech support
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee available
  • Free Proactive Circuit monitoring for all circuits, including 3rd-party circuits
  • 20+ years of network expertise
  • Single provider for Voice, UCaaS, Nationwide Internet, Network and Security

What is driving the competitive SD-WAN landscape? Why are so many vendors and providers throwing their hats in the ring?

It’s such a hot market, especially for the next five years where analysts are predicting SD-WAN sales will grow at a 69% compound annual growth rate, hitting $8-9 Billion by 2020.  The demand for SD-WAN is only going to grow as we see businesses move more applications to the cloud and increase their mobile demands and big data requirements.

How will the competitive landscape change in the next year?

We will see more consolidation by carriers and technology vendors to round out their offerings, like VMWare’s recent acquisition of Velocloud to challenge Cisco.

What is the future for your organization?

MegaPath will continue to expand deeper into the Enterprise space as well as expand our services to markets abroad. We plan to invest in new features and functionality across all of our product lines, including the integration of our SD-WAN Pro and Enterprise service offerings with other popular cloud applications.

The best way to learn more about SD-WAN and related activities and see Megapath and the entire SD-WAN ecosystem in action is to be at the world’s only SD-WAN Expo @sd-wanexpo, Feb. 14-16, Fort Lauderdale, FL. We hope to see you there!


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