Miss America to Drive Fitness App Adoption

Remember yesterday when senior editor here at TMC Peter Bernstein miss-america-excercise.pngsaid fitness apps would be a fad? Well he may be dead right but he may be surprised to learn that Miss America used a fitness app and social platform called Fitocracy to get in shape. I must admit Business Insider describes it far more effectively than I do when they call it “Top Bikini Shape.”

Although Peter could be right – part of his point was that downloading a fitness app is like joining a gym – it’s using the fitness app which becomes more challenging over time.

If you’re a Seinfeld fan it’s like the episode which outlines the difference between taking the reservation and hooolding the reservation.

One point which is worth explaining is the media and word of mouth is driving the spread of these apps like wildfire.

Some years back when I joined the Atkins bandwagon I knew we were at the peak of the craze when a waitress told me each day at lunch she throws away 50 buns.

Likewise with fitness apps – if Peter is right we are likely near the peak of the craze. Either that or there is a lifestyle change taking place where people will use technology on an increasing basis to help them look and feel better. Certainly there can be few more influential people than Miss America to convince the masses to start downloading and trying health-boosting apps for themselves.

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