Net Neutrality, Rich is Not on Vacation and Bee Wars

Meetings, conference calls and a surprise birthday cake for my Father Nadji Tehrani have kept me from writing today and I have a conference call in a little while which I need to prepare for so I can’t even write about the Verizon and Google net neutrality proposal. Thank you Gary Kim for doing a great job with coverage and I refer you to him until I get a chance to cover the topic. Hopefully I will soon but I am not sure I will get to it today.

On a separate and unrelated note I noticed recently that there are hundreds of honeybees flying in and out of my house for a month or more. This didn’t create too much a problem until recently when we started to see a dozen or so baby bees all over the house. My wife just called today to let me know the infestation is spreading so I just can’t imagine how many of them are in the attic.

Tonight I go to battle armed with a big can of spray and a flashlight. If this is my last post, the bees won.

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