Neustar Enables CSPS to Speed Their Carrier Ethernet Offerings

Neustar is one of the most amazing companies in the world of technology and telecom because they are involved in so many spaces and are responsible for allowing much of what we rely on to function correctly. In a recent conversation with Gary Zimmerman the head of marketing communications segment, he explained how Neustar is evolving into a an analytics company with its purchase of TARGUSinfo and others. Neustar is involved in short codes, SMS, Caller ID, LNP and more – they call themselves the neutral provider of real-time information and analytics to the communications services, financial services, retail, media and advertising sectors… Wow!

They help a web browser get to the right website and also help companies deal with DDOS attacks via a product called SiteProtect. Other products help optimize marketing interactions through big data crunching and another one can follow up with a call center caller who didn’t buy through an ad that hits the consumer in the medium they are most likely to respond to such as social networking. Yet another service allows a webmaster to optimize their site.

In short – can you really say that about this company? Neustar is the first real-time information and analytics company which happens to inform web, text and calling decisions 400,000 times per second.

All this and it doesn’t even touch on one of the last times I covered the company – they are enabling mobile app development.

In a conversation with Zimmerman, he explained how the company’s newest iniotiative is to help CSPs lower their costs and increase operational performance by assisiting them in connecting their RANs to local broadband providers and assisting in the engineering of these services as well.

According to the company’s prepared press release, Ethernet Ordering is a service which will provide full workflow solutions for low-touch, less manual order process for new classes of service while Professional Service Support allows for physical network configuration and program management that speeds implementation andd augments the access ordering offer.


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