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Check it out, NexTone has a blog. Why is this important? It just shows the trend towards everyone having a blog. In a world where technology changes so rapidly, tech companies really all need a blog. This outlet allows them the immediacy needed in a world where product directions and acronyms change faster than a second hand (on second thought no pun intended — does a second hand move all that fast? I suppose when compared to the other hands…).

In non-tech fields a blog is essential because the flow of information is just that fast. Customer perception about your company can change overnight or faster. A blog allows an outlet to combat rumors, innuendo and allows your company to be shown in the best light possible.

Beck to NexTone. Here is part of their latest blog entry:

The Next Home Appliance?

Filed under: NexTone Blog on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 by Dan -VP of Marketing | No Comments

With rumors of Google getting into the hardware business, the next must-have home appliance may be a Google-branded $200 PC to serve as your family’s Internet portal or the Google "cube" to convert your home entertainment "system" into a converged "network" of enduser devices delivering VoIP and multimedia content. Google’s goal may be to make the network the "computer". So, all the smarts that you normally find on the desktop will be instead in the network. This intelligent network will require session management capabilities to keep pace with emerging real-time IP based applications targeted for home use (interactive gaming and video sharing comes to mind). Especially, if Google lowers the barrier to entry for households that are raising tomorrow’s power users.

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