Of Cell Phones and Unborn Babies

Does cell phone use cause behavioral problems in children? A new study is out on the the matter and while it is not conclusive it did find increased cell phone use does seem to lead to children with more behavioral problems.

The study took place between researchers in Denmark and UCLA and as part of the process, more than 13 thousand women were questioned.

Over the past years, I have seen studies which show radio waves are harmful to people and other surveys which say just the opposite. What does seem obvious to me is that we are being hit with more and more radio waves as time goes on. WiFi, satellite radio and WiMAX are just a few of the new sorts of electronic radiation our bodies have to now deal with.

In case you are getting worried about this study, it should be noted that the people behind it do not think it is conclusive and moreover they think there many reasons why we shouldn’t be too concerned with the results.

Here is an excerpt worth reading:

“I think this is a competently and well-done study, but I think there are enough red flags that this should probably not be something the U.S. public needs to be alarmed about,” said Dr. Tim Byers, professor of epidemiology and community health at the University of Colorado in Aurora. “I am particularly concerned about mothers and fathers who may constantly be worried about whether something they did caused their child’s behavioral problems.”

Poole says the study is “well worth” publishing in a medical journal, but, because it’s highly preliminary, should not be making news in the general public.

“No one connected with the study should be doing anything to encourage media attention on it – that includes the journal, the funding source, the institutions with which the authors are affiliated and the authors themselves,” Poole added. “In my opinion, that would constitute sensationalism.”

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