Post-Bankruptcy Windstream to Focus on SD-WAN, UCaaS and Call Center

In a recent meeting with Windstream Networks we learned the company is about 60 days into bankruptcy, past their second day petition and new agreements now have the backing of the bankruptcy court.

They received a billion dollars in DIP funding from CIT global which makes them more liquid than before the bankruptcy.

You may recall the bankruptcy was triggered by a lost ruling to the Aurelius hedge fund in what is being described as a managed default.

As part of the restructure, they are changing their channel partner program with common agreements as opposed to numerous versions they have inherited via over a dozen acquisitions over the years. In addition, resellers will receive a 5% premium on certain services such as UCaaS, SD-WAN call center and security.

Curt Allen1.jpg

Curt Allen (above), Senior VP Alternative Channels told us 80% of their 400 partners are already on this are on this agreement or similar to it and 15% of them will have their contracts rejected. There will be no backward changes in commission percentages.

The story to customers is, it’s business as usual, they had a technical bond default and financial restructure. They continue to make large-scale investments in network expansion and redundancy.

Their partner portal is to be delivered in the third quarter in beta form. Product development continues.

Cardi Prinzi (below), CMO said in an exclusive, live, in-person interview, “We have a large footprint, allowing us to put our advanced services over them. Agents understand we fit a spot in the marketplace.”

Cardi Prinzi.jpg

He continued to explain as good news comes out, momentum will build as they get through the process. They are noticing that all their new large opportunities have UCaaS, SD-WAN and Call Center as a service. This includes lots of large retail opportunities.

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