RIM Patents the HTC XV6800

OK, this one came as a surprise but not really. I have seen many companies patent technologies invented elsewhere and then use these patents to sue companies without patents. It happens all the time — especially in IP communications.

I am (maybe a bit) surprised however to see that RIM has applied for a patent on the HTC 6700, 6800, etc. Check out this patent photo and one of the HTC 6800.

In fairness, engadget does point out that the RIM device has a trackball while HTC does not.

So here is the deal on this device. The reason I use the XV6800 is because of this slider keyboard design and the wider screen that goes with it. I would likely switch from Windows Mobile to a Blackberry if this device ever came out. Why? Because I don’t like to reboot my phone on a daily+ basis.


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