Saepta Wants to Be the Go to Survey Service


“From the moment you get up in the morning, you start to make decisions and I believe people love to engage through asking questions and getting answers,” said Bruce Hendrix, CEO and cofounder of Saepta, a new company with a focus on providing quick and easy surveys to the masses. The company’s website in-fact seems to be a social media hub for opinions.

While taking surveys isn’t new – people have been doing this for years, Saepta wants to differentiate itself by providing short and simple ones which are powered by social media and are transparent. They believe they have easier-to-build surveys than the competition and their ability to quickly share and even embed them sets their solution apart from other services. The key it seems is to not have a survey with too many choices.

One of the reasons the company was founded in fact was because Twitter surveys are typically awkward. According to Hendrix, often they request you respond to question XYZ with a hashtag such as #XYZno or #XYZyes. Obviously this isn’t a visually appealing way to tally results.

Compared to the competition, the company wants its surveys to be transparent and honest says Kihn and as a result they have technology which minimizes the ability to vote repeatedly. In other words, a single person can’t click on the same selection over and over to skew results. In my testing, the system worked well but I was able to fool it once (and thus vote twice but not more) by logging out.

Content is king said Greg Kihn as he went on to describe this as a powerful benefit of the platform. In short, it builds user-generated content through quick and efficient surveys which can be used to provide laser-targeted content. Moreover, this is the exact sort of information your audience should be interested in.

Who is Greg Kihn, well, I didn’t know when I was on the call because, apparently I either don’t pay enough attention or I got too caught up in my prior meeting to prep effectively for the most recent call. He is a musician that I listened to and liked back in the day… I just didn’t remember him as well as I should have. Thanks to Google and YouTube, I now recall he sang the Break Up Song and Jeopardy among others. He is referred to by the company as their celebrity “Saepta Emissary”

This of course explains why he was a bit more gregarious and outgoing than a typical PR person I encounter on such calls (Many times they are recent college grads who just learned to sleep without a night light.) sleeping-zs

OK, I am now officially embarrassed.

Kihn went on to say content is now more fun than ever – he then discussed how he uses Saepta to generate more interest on his blog.

How simple is it to use? I set up an account and even posted a question while I was on the call with them. It was that easy to do; Only took a few minutes. I then shared it. Check it out below.

You may be wondering who should use such a service. The reality is virtually everyone. Use it to query customers to see if they want a new product or service you’re thinking about rolling out. Use it in HR to determine if your workers want a change to benefits. Use it to discuss current events with your followers.

Here is the amazing thing. I posted a survey with the following question:

With the latest Home Depot breach and those at Target and iCloud, etc, do you feel companies don’t care enough about security?

The answers I offered were:

  • They could care less.
  • The hackers are smarter than they are.

In a few hours a commenter PCComf said the options are bad. After a brief reflection period, I agreed and added:

  • They care but not enough.

Once I did this, the survey numbers reset and started over, which makes sense and backs up the transparency argument the company made in one of the few calls I had with them.

Its worth pointing out Saepta works with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as well as blogs and emails so it is platform independent.

Content marketing is becoming crucial and quick and easy surveys are a rapid way to generate quality content that search engines and users crave. Imagine the possibilities – a company can find out if customers think that orange sneakers will be trendy this fall or that super-tall iced lattes will be a hit in the summer. Really, the potential for using the surveys is unlimited and for right now they are free to use. Expect more freemium features over time.

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