Sony Dash, AT&T Femtocell, 3PAR, Dell and HP

This morning my new Sony Dash arrived in my office and I have been meaning to set it up all day but failed. This gadget is essentially an iPad which is more chunky, cheaper and needs a plug to operate. Still, everyone I meet with these days asks if I have one and it seems like a tech rite of passage to have one of these in your office.

Phew – what a day. Crazy busy with meetings and deadlines. I have to leave soon and once I get this gadget hooked up and running I will have more to report. BTW, two items worth pointing out are the review of AT&T femtocell made by Cisco which Walt Mossberg says works best if the signal in your house is terrible or nonexistent.

In addition, the Dell and H-P war over 3PAR has turned into a battle which I believe has moved beyond a fight based on the merits of the acquisition and it has become an important symbol for both computer makers that they are on the right track. For H-P failure means the press will write stories about how weak they have become as a result the recent board and CEO issues.

For Dell, this deal symbolizes their strategy of taking H-P on in the M&A arena as they battle to become tech mega-supermarkets. It seems failure for either is unacceptable.

Fore more, check out coverage on TMC’s latest site TechZone360

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