Spacenet Satellite Services Aid Haiti, Boost Business Continuity

At the Satellite 2010 show in Maryland I had a chance to sit down with Jon Douglas of Spacenet Inc. and learn about his company which is 30 years-old. An interesting twist on traditional satellite delivery – aside from providing VSAT service in North America the company plays in managed network services. So beyond satellites they can manage a company’s entire set of connectivity needs.

Spacecom has a custom-built hardware platform called the Prysm Pro which is a platform which allows an organization to deploy and manage a variety of applications. You can manage satellite, EVDO and DSL for example with a single interface. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the device is the business continuity element built-in. So if you have a problem with a terrestrial line you can be switched over to satellite automatically.

Douglas explains they play in the oil and gas space – no surprise as virtually all satellite companies do. Jon further explained Spacenet has a fast food customer with hundreds of locations who recently lost their DSL-based broadband and the transition was so smooth they weren’t even aware they were operating over satellite. And perhaps most interesting is a customer in Texas who plays in the retail space called H-E-B. They have a roving RV which has a built-in ATM and the ability to dispense pharmaceuticals. This, as you imagine comes in handy after natural disasters. Spacenet also provides connectivity to the company’s stores.

Douglas also pointed out that they are working in Haiti with the Red Cross and as we discussed in the video above, the company has solar-powered units and auto-acquisition antennas allowing governments, relief agencies and organizations to be as prepared as possible.

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