Splice Software Uses the Power of Analytics to Expand its Product Line

Big data and analytics have had a huge impact on numerous spaces and certainly marketing is one of these areas. Perhaps the first mainstream story, in fact, describing the concept revolved around a retailer knowing a customer was pregnant before her family knew. The possibilities are certainly endless. You may recall a post I wrote some time back about IBM and the concept of digital Darwinism – the idea that companies that embrace new technology will win out over those that do not. Part of the article discussed how much money IBM is investing in big data and consulting to entrench themselves in the marketing space.

I certainly thought about this when speaking with Tara Kelly, President andtara kelly.jpg CEO of Splice Software. Her company provides personalized 100% cloud-based, human voice solutions which deliver highly engaging, data-driven, proactive, personalized customer communications. The goal being to provide measurable returns through increases in engagement, brand loyalty, attention spans and response rates. If you’re curious, you can listen to some of the recordings for yourself – they are really good.

Splice allows you to add human voice to dialers from major providers in the space including Genesys, Nuance, Five9 and others. Crowdsourced talent keeps the price down and a profile-based API allows companies to be more contextually accurate and call people by their names.

Over time they’ve been involved in hundreds of millions of transactions in tens of millions of households. This data is quite valuable – especially in cases where A/B testing was used to determine consumer preferences.

This is where IBM comes in – they are working with Splice software to take the massive trove of data that’s been accumulated to better determine how to most effectively communicate with customers. We can expect Splice to explore new models in the future with their massive amount of data – working with other companies to help them sell more effectively. As a bonus, customers will have communications which they prefer.

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