Streann OTT Hopes to be the Evolution of TV

“The revolution and evolution of the golden age of entertainment is happening right now,” according to Giovanni Punzo the CEO of Streann Media. The company touts itself as the multiscreen next-generation monetization platform for delivering linear TV, VoD and proprietary 

Giovanni Puzzo CEO  Streann Media.jpginteractive services to end-users anytime and anywhere.

The idea behind the platform is fairly simple – allow customers to provide Netflix-like services with localized content. The solution has a built-in ad platform, app editor builder and allows the full distribution and monetization of content.

In addition, the company has a provisional patent on a new way to show video ads – they can be seen in split screen. This is a replacement of the pre-roll which many people including us have grown tired of.

The Miami based company is doing very well in the Latin America market and its HQ in Miami likely doesn’t hurt.  
They have enterprise customers using the platform in USA, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Caribbean, Europe and even Africa, with end-users streaming in 141 countries.

The company is growing quickly – targeting tv broadcasters, radio stations, influencers as well as mobile operators.

The platform is quite dynamic with API for integration, allowing for experimentation and new business models. It also allows content to be blocked based on region, live-to-video on demand content creation on the fly 100% in the cloud and has seen at least one customer add +300,000 subscribers in less than a year. Another big driver of growth will be the Soccer World Cup in 2018.

Eric Giler (pictured center below) just joined the company’s board of advisors. He is a technology visionary. Prior to advising Streann, Eric was the CEO of Brooktrout Technology (sold to EAS Group), Groove Mobile (sold to LiveWire Mobile), CEO of WiTricity,  CEO of Speedy Packets. “I am extremely excited to see the traction that Streann has achieved with their disruptive technologies and growing customer base.  The entertainment industry and digital advertising industry is going through major changes and Streann has the tools to become a major player in the market, it’s going to be fun,” commented Eric Giler.


Giovanni (Gio) headed up sales teams and video market development at Brooktrout and Dialogic which gives you a sense of the connection between the two.   

When he was contracted by Israeli start-up LiveU he changed the game in live broadcasting for all the major Broadcasters that now stream live content from anywhere with LiveU instead than use Satellite links.  

Getting back to Streann, the company is well-positioned as the amount of user-generated content is growing as is the opportunity to bundle it and sell it live and on-demand. In addition, cord-cutting is seeing massive growth meaning consumers are open to new forms of TV-like content from any producer. Finally, the networks are getting faster and the screens and cameras are getting better. 

The new iPhone 8 family for example has the best smartphone camera ever tested and Augmented Reality SDKs. Expect the Android competitors to one-up Apple in the near future. As Streann owns the end users mobile experience they will have a play with Augmented Reality and already provided Virtual Reality live streaming solutions to their customers.

The video opportunity is finally coming to fruition. Many thought IMS would bring apps to the masses and app stores stole the show and left carrier-based apps in the dust. It seems the same thing is happening to video.

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