Tangoe Goes on the Mobility-as-a-Service Offensive at MWC16

was one of the leading players in the TEM or telecom expense management space when it launched and did a superior job of rolling up the market and becoming the leader in what is now the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market. The company’s CEO, Al Subbloie (pictured) is never afraid to innovate and be ahead of the pack. In fact, we’ve been covering companies he’s run since the 1980s (alas, I can’t find any articles on the internet earlier than this). Tangoe’s new Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering will leverage its position within the enterprise marketplace to offer wireless plans, devices, expense management, EMM and logistics to create an integrated mobile solution.


In 1999 I wrote about buyingedge.com, a reverse auction company which Al launched. The entire reverse auction market which allowed buyers to bid on the product you wanted to purchase never went anywhere – thanks to abrupt end to dotcom bubble.

MaaS however has a chance to revive the concept (and to be fair, Lending Tree does this in mortgages) – allowing the carrier and perhaps handset vendors to compete to win your business. It’s an intriguing idea and puts Tangoe in a position to be the GPO or group purchasing organization for your telecom needs.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC16), I met with Evan Tomlin and Shannon Cortina who told me they have a patent on split billing and will be deploying such a solution soon which lets a company know how much data use various apps are taking on employee phones. This can be done to minimize waste – on things like personal video streaming as well as more effective internal billing.

The apps to do this will be available on Windows 10 and Android and an EMM app for iOS will be provided as well.

EMM/TEM is generally considered a way to save money on a solution which you already have – a defensive play. Tangoe hopes these new initiatives will help them be thought of by customers as an offensive solution. Ideally for them, enterprises will turn to Tangoe when deciding on a mobile strategy for their organization.

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