Tech Culture Will Separate Winners from Losers in The Digital Economy

The 2016 Tech Culture Award winners have been announced

The outlook for tech workers has perhaps never been brighter as top tech techcultur-banner-wp.jpgcompanies look to expand their footprint and bet on moonshot projects while traditional companies innovate through tech, in some cases, disrupting themselves. Google is becoming famous for driverless cars which for them is a moonshot project – one that could be a huge future revenue driver. In response, BMW, the company famous for its tagline, “Ultimate Driving Machine,” is changing to get ready for a world where cars aren’t driven.

Klaus Froehlich, the head of research and development at BMW, told Reuters software engineers will make up 50% of the department within 5 years, an increase from today’s 20%! Kia is investing £1.4 billion over the next 2 years to meet the same challenge.

Every company has become a tech company. Fracking which has been boosted by big data allows oil to be produced as cheaply as $2.50 per barrel! GE is becoming a software company focusing on IoT among other areas. J&J is a tech company and so on.

In this new world, software engineers will be the new assets which allow companies to thrive and grow into new areas.

Building and sustaining the ideal tech culture will separate winners from losers in the digital economy.

Understanding where things are going, my company TMC and our website TMCnet launched the first-ever 2016 Tech Culture Award winners.

After pouring over submissions from dozens of companies consisting of hundreds of pages of perks, growth rates, collaboration tools and so on, we’ve named and graded our winners.

The companies selected were given grades ranging from B to A+. Nice Systems received the only A++ because their culture is really that good. Telstra’s Australia office received an A but we felt the New York office deserved an A+.

It is our hope that the annual Tech Culture Award becomes the industry standard measure which separates the truly best environments worth competing for.

If your real-word experience agrees with what we’ve presented or differs, we want to know about it. Please respond in the comments below each entry.

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