Tech Firms Fined For Helping Online Gambling

Some of technology’s biggest players were just hit with a fine of over $30 million in total for aiding in internet gambling. Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google will all be paying varying amounts and admitting varying amounts of guilt.
Far be it from me to become political here in this blog but why is it illegal to promote internet gambling but legal to have gambling in certain cities? Why are lottery tickets sold throughout the country? Why is betting on horse racing allowed?
I don’t want to get too far away from the technology roots of my writing but why on earth does the US government have different rules for different types of gambling in different places?
Imagine explaining this to a friend from another country. Well… We don’t allow gambling online because it is not good for you. But if you really want to gamble, we can all jump on a plane or in a car and head to the nearest legal casino where we can not only gamble but smoke and drink.
It’s all very confusing
If I were President of this great country… That speech will have to wait for another time. 😉

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