The Disposable Business Netbook

The netbook craze continues and as the devices proliferate, they can be found in places like superstores and perhaps even some local supermarkets in high tech areas of the country. San Jose, I’m looking in your direction. But does it make sense to take a computer which is really designed for thrifty consumers and stick it in an office? My vote is probably not because for a little more money you can go out and get a full-fledged laptop and in many cases this will give you more performance or as we like to say in the tech world, increased bang for the buck.

But if saving money today is paramount and you aren’t as concerned about having to upgrade more quickly tomorrow, check out this article from Lance Whitney, one of the latest additions to the TMCnet team of writers. Lance describes some of the things to consider before plunging into the world of corporate netbooks.

Two other items worth mentioning are the fact I know a few people using netbooks in their offices and they are all satisfied. Furthermore, TMCnet writer Doug Mohney is a huge fan of netbooks and TLNs. Did we seriously need YAA or Yet another Acronym? What does it stand for? Why Thin and Light Notebooks of course. By the way, when I first spotted Doug with a netbook about a year ago he mentioned to me the devices are almost disposable in nature. Of course he was referring to the fact you could just pick one up at the local electronics store if yours breaks.

So the next time you are in that local grocery store in San Jose and looking for a way to save money on IT and getting rid of that five o’clock shadow, just pick up a few netbooks to go with those razor blades you just threw in the carriage.

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