The Electric Car Market is About to be Shaken up

Expect AAA to raise insurance prices on Teslas by a whopping 30%! It turns out claims numbers are a lot higher than anticipated and so is the cost of repairing the car. Bottom line, any car with supercar like performance will eventually see higher insurance premiums – even if the care is a sedan which doesn’t look like a supercar or have a V12 engine.

Speaking of V12 engines (or lack thereof), you may may have noticed that electric cars make no noise meaning they are more likely to get into accidents because they can’t be heard on approach. We’ve all undoubtedly been started by electrics in the parking lot as they sneak up on us silently.

Rob Enderle writes on our sister site TechZone360 about the situation and has some very intelligent advice for Tesla. Considering Tesla’s became a more valuable company than BMW as of today, they probably want to heed his advice to help keep this new newfound position.

We suspect the electric car market will never be the same as Rob’s points will eventually become implemented in a widespread manner.

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