The iTunes PIA

So a while back… I don’t even know when, I somehow downloaded Quicktime. It was back in the days when Apple was the company we all felt sorry for. Perhaps a decade or so ago. Once the software was installed, you didn’t have to update Quicktime that often as even the hackers it seemed felt sorry for Apple and didn’t bother writing malicious exploits to take advantage of the software.

Subsequently there seemed little reason to update it.

Then somewhere along the way as Steve Jobs turned Apple around and the computer company became the cool consumer electronics company and subsequently Apple started to push (or to be more politically correct — bundle) iTunes with Quicktime.

Consumers didn’t have a say in the matter as the two software packages worked in unison… Like peanut butter and chocolate or a bad fever and aches and pains. Of course I say this because I am not an iTunes user but somehow this software is on all my computers. I am not sure how this product invaded hundreds of megabytes of space on my various hard drives but it did.

I may have even inadvertidly clicked on something in the past that installed iTunes — the hard disk absorbing monstrocity on my system.

Worse than the install itself is the constant updating of the software which I don’t even use. I have thought about removing it but I worry about the repercussions. I don’t have an iPhone but my mother does. Would they shut her iPhone service down if I uninstall the software?  After all, I got her the phone. Worse yet, will angry pro-Apple hackers take down my blog server because they now know I am not an iTunes user. To set the record straight… I have 2-3 iPods that people have gotten me as gifts. I don’t use them but I do have them.

But still, the software keeps updating. And as I sit here on a wireless connection that is painfully slow to begin with I wonder — boy do I ever, wonder why I pressed the button to start the download of 65 megabytes of software update I will never take advantage of.

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