The Most Important Marketing Automation Webinar of the Year

Many people know TMC as a company reporting on news. Many tech and communications companies leverage TMCnet and our various properties for marketing purposes, exhibiting at our conferences, lead generation, etc.

Yet marketers would often come to us and ask, how can I improve my return on investment from these leads? In other words, they now have lists of people at companies interested in their product category… How can they convert more of them into sales?

About six years ago we responded with a CMO Dinner at ITEXPO in Austin, Texas to help companies tackle this problem… We invited Marketo as a keynote speaker – before they were as well-known as they are today.


Last year at ITEXPO in Florida we teamed up with Jeff Dworkin to wow our CMO dinner audience with all they needed to know about lead management and follow-up through automation. It was a great dinner… We had a ton of positive comments.

Many people asked us if we could kick it up a notch and help their companies with marketing automation. We thought about the idea and it made sense – so we launched Marketing Automation Partners as an outsourced marketing automation service.

Half our job is to help companies who understand how important marketing automation can be for their company and the other half is evangelizing the benefits of MA. Case in point, tomorrow, Friday, December 9th, 2016 we have a webinar titled Don’t Let Them Tell You Marketing Automation is Easy – perhaps the best webinar on the topic you can find.

As part of the webinar we’ll help you understand how marketing impacts revenue. We’ll go beyond measuring marketing spend via “vanity” metrics (I call them selfie-metrics) like clicks and likes.

This is real-world marketing consultation from an experienced team which you’ll get for free. Just sign up and be on the webinar at 2:00 pm EST tomorrow. Hope to see you there… I’ll be moderating.

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