TPx Communications Successfully adds SD-WAN to its Portfolio of Services


IP Communications is just one of the important areas where SD-WAN is making a big impact. One company, TPx Communications got its start in this area and ever since has been a growing player in the market. The company formerly known as TelePacific is a 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award Winner and a leader in managed IT, UCaaS, networking and more. To learn more about the company’s role in the market, I spoke interviewed Jared Martin, Vice-president, Managed IT Services Group.

When and how did you get into the SD-WAN market?

TPx entered the SD-WAN market in February 2015.  After an introduction to VeloCloud at the BroadSoft Connections conference, we saw how this could really work for our customers and began intensive testing of the technology because we could see its game changing potential.  We tested for a 18 months before bringing our product to market.

Tell us more about your particular offerings in this space.

TPx offers a use-case driven SD-WAN powered product.  ITx for WAN brings scalable, tested, and supportable features to market vs. supporting any and every feature offered by the OEM. We’re definitely focused on quality and reliability.   TPx operates and maintains its own network to deliver the completed service and only leverages the SD-WAN vendor’s technology to enable the service.  TPx is constantly taking feedback from customers and partners and refining our offer based on that feedback.  We introduced a new 4G LTE primary access in Q3 2017Jared Martin tpx communications.jpg that broke the traditional barriers for broadband access – really making it available most locations across the country with no need to wait for fiber buildouts!

What is driving enterprise interest in SD-WAN?

Cost savings over expensive MPLS access and increased visibility into application usage and performance.

What is the biggest pain your solutions take away for customers?

Quality of service concerns when using Internet-based access technologies.  In addition, giving customers insight and business intelligence into what their users are doing and how their applications are performing.

What is your target audience?

The SMB to sub-enterprise space, with a real expertise serving multilocation businesses.  Our customer set is national in scope, encompassing businesses, not-for-profits and government.  

How do you go to market? Direct? MSPs? Carriers? Etc.

All of the above. We have a very active Direct and wholesale business as well as a thriving channel business where our agent partners drive about half of our overall sales.

What synergistic technologies and markets are aided by SD-WAN?

UCaaS, Managed Security, Managed IT

What regions of the world will be most disrupted by SD-WAN?

It is applicable everywhere, however, regions that have problematic access will certainly see a big benefit from the capabilities that SD WAN brings. 

How do you differentiate your company from others in the market?

TPx is the premier managed services carrier – which means we bring a long and proven corporate DNA of guaranteed reliability, resilience and industry-leading customer service to the table. We bring a focus on customers and their use cases rather than simply being all about the technology itself.  We provide a completely managed service and we really don’t care if the access is over our own network or another providers. Our customers don’t need to worry either way because we will manage it end-to-end.  We are one of the early movers who saw the potential of SD WAN, tested it, rolled it out and refined it in concert with our technology partners and customer feedback.  We have a great track record already, and continue to add to that proof point every day.  

What is driving the competitive SD-WAN landscape? Why are so many vendors and providers throwing their hats in the ring?

SDN is allowing mature technologies, such as DMVPN and WAN optimization, to be seamlessly managed.  This means that scaling these solutions is much easier and no longer requires expensive and dedicated engineers for a customer to maintain internally.

How will the competitive landscape change in the next year?

You will see consolidation of the SD WAN software vendors.  It’s already happening with Cisco buying Viptela and VMWare buying VeloCloud.  The best startups will be absorbed by organizations with deep pockets and broader complimentary offers.

What is the future for your organization?

We see SD WAN as an enabler for our managed services.  We can take an access-agnostic approach and push our services out anywhere an Internet connection is available.  To stay ahead, we will continue to innovate and drive differentiated services in the market.

The best way to learn more about SD-WAN and related activities and see TPx Communications and the entire SD-WAN ecosystem in action is to be at the world’s only SD-WAN Expo @sd-wanexpo, Feb. 14-16, Fort Lauderdale, FL. We hope to see you there!



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