TSO Logic Enables ConEdison and NY State to help Fund Your New Equipment


When I lasted interviewed Aaron Rallo CEO of TSO logic about a year ago, our discussion centered on how his company helps data centers become more efficient. Now, the story gets even better because the agentless solution allows companies to determine the most efficient places for workloads to run. After an install which can be five hours or less, a company will be able to determine how they can run their workloads potentially more efficiently on private clouds – and benefit from the best blend of private, and public.

Aaron emphasized the solution works with all software such as SDN Aaron Rallo.jpgfrom F5 Networks and others, virtualization stacks from VMware and Hyper-V as well as numerous storage devices.

Moreover, companies can truly see the energy costs of individual applications and moreover determine which server makes the most financial sense to run an application on based on numerous factors such as latency.

In addition to using this software to decommission old servers which no longer make financial sense the interesting part of the story is data centers can get cash back from utilities for using the solution.

For example, your organization if it happens to be in certain parts of New York can receive up to $0.10/KW in the first year towards new hardware. Since this needs to be quantified, you need software like what TSO Logic offers to show your success.


To learn more check out the Con Edison and NYSERDA partnership which rewards data center initiatives which increase efficiency and how TSO Logic is helping the initiative. Please contact your utility or TSO Logic to see if the solution is eligible to help you receive rebates in your area.

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