Voxeet Shows the Future of Conferencing – Stereo and 3-D

About eight years ago I held up DiamondWare as a shining example of what communications should be – HD, stereo and 3-D. Nortel later purchased DiamondWare and integrated it into its Project Chainsaw initiative which allowed avatar-based communications. Then these assets were sold to Avaya as part of the Nortel bankruptcy. I am fairly disappointed that this technology never went mainstream. People it seems aren’t yet ready for avatar-based communications or stereo conferencing for that matter.

So you can’t blame Avaya for not pushing this technology more forcefully as the market didn’t seem to bite.


Now there is an app which works on Android and iOS which enables much of what DiamondWare did and it’s called Voxeet. I tested it earlier and Tom Keating reviewed the service as a result. In-short, it is rough around the edges but allows stereo, 3-D conference calling with crystal-clear quality. And it’s free. What’s not to love?

Sure, they need to work out the kinks but to me this is how communications is meant to be – the way we naturally hear it, with both our ears and the ability to clearly discern where voices are coming. On a busy conference call, the capability to drag participants to the left or right and front and rear could make the difference between understanding what is said and getting confused.

For casual conversations this may not be a big deal but if you are having an M&A call, it helps to know whether the lawyer speaking is on your side or not.

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