Xirrus Doubles Sales Again

Today we were honored to have wireless visionary, serial entrepreneur and CEO of both Xircom and Xirrus, Dirk Gates in the TMC Newsroom in our Norwalk, CT headquarters. Xirrus Arrays provide super high-capacity 802.11 access points by utilizing cell phone tower technology used by wireless carriers and are capable of sending signals in three directions, Having done a long-term review of one of the company’s products, I can tell you the AP we have works and works well. Perhaps this explains why the company has doubled sales for a few years in a row.

Gates explained how he believes wireless can replace wired connections – assuming you design your system correctly of course. Moreover, he mentioned how the company is expanding from a direct sales force to a reseller model. As a value-asdd, resellers can take advantage of the company’s guarantee which ensures customers don’t have to pay for additional APs once a proper site survey is conducted.

There’s lots more which is why I invite you to view the video in this post for the details.

In case you are wondering, Xircom, was an incredible company which made cards which allowed laptops to plug into modems, LAN ports and wireless Ethernet. TMC was a big Xircom customer in the nineties and the company filled an important role in the tech space.

When Gates isn’t writing code and managing a company he is off on the weekends flying “model” rockets miles into the sky. I kid you not, the rockets are north of ten feet tall and you should check out the live video of an actual rocket launch below.

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