2Hz Krisp Noise Cancellation Now for Call Centers. Sitel First to Deploy

Many of us have experienced airline headphones which cut background noise and allow you to sleep more easily on long flights. These days, it is the only part of traveling you can look forward to – unless of course, you happen to indulge in a bunch of those little bottles you pay extra for. 🙂

We have flown with and without headphones and found we are far more relaxed when we travel without the extra background noise.

This same tech has come to the contact center thanks to 2Hz Krisp noise cancellation.

Earlier this month we broke the news that this tech is available on the desktop and now it’s in the call center. Sitel is the first customer – they have been one of the top outsourcers for decades… Well known at one point for their expertise in the tech space.

Distracting noises from customers (in-car, at-airport, on-street) and agents (keyboard typing, other agent chatter) are removed from the call while maintaining clear communications and facilitating secure deployment. A dashboard provides for centralized installation and user-management.

Robert Schoenfield, COO, 2Hz

In an exclusive interview with Robert Schoenfield, COO, 2Hz, we learned a great deal about how the new solution works. We hope you enjoy our interview:

Does the tech work with specific headset or UC vendors or all of them?

Krisp is deployed in Windows and Mac workstations. It becomes the default (and virtual) microphone and speaker. The two-way audio path goes through Krisp to remove background noise in real-time for agents and customers. It works with all headset types and all UC vendors that utilize Windows workstations.

Is there overlap between current call center tech and what 2Hz is doing?

No, Krisp is complementary and unique in a few areas. Krisp operates within the OS so it improves on current call center technology. Contact centers have invested in expensive headsets for active noise cancellation (ANC) so that the agent does not hear the ambient noise from the call center. These headsets do not perform outbound noise cancellation during the call well and no solution provides noise cancellation on inbound calls.

How does the call center determine the ROI of investing in 2Hz tech?

There will be a variety of ways that ROI will be measured, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Trends such as open office and home based agents require solutions such as Krisp to allow for these initiatives. Call centers with open office environments and home-based options have lower agent turnover and better employee satisfaction. Customer communication will be better, translating to improved customer experience and shorter call times.

What are the costs?

Krisp is deployed in the workstation and is charged monthly per user. The subscription for call center agents is $5/mo.

What is the biggest competitor to Krisp?

Krisp is the first and only application that is deployed within a workstation that provides two-way real-time noise cancellation. The underlying technology is advanced versus alternatives and provides Krisp with a clear competitive advantage. Headset suppliers have ANC and some outbound noise cancellation, however, call centers complain about noise leakage from keyboards and other agents. No solution in the market provides outbound and inbound noise cancellation, improving the agent experience with the customer.

The excitement here is for callers and agents alike. Quite often call center communications is on par with the announcements you might hear on an Amtrak or Metro North train. Hopefully, conversations will now sound better and go more smoothly. This should result in happier agents and consumers which could mean even more upselling and cross-selling success.

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, your customers and call center agents can enjoy


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