EPOS | Sennheiser Lauch Super-Premium Audio Solutions for the Enterprise Market

What is the story behind the hot-new premium audio company EPOS?

From their website:

In 2018, Demant A/S and Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG announced the end of the joint venture, Sennheiser Communications, and that the business segments would evolve in new set-ups. The business segments Enterprise Solutions and Gaming headsets will evolve as a new independent company, EPOS, under Demant.

EPOS builds on its duality of past and future, pairing founded knowledge with forward-thinking technology to take the story of excellent sound experience to the next level. EPOS caters to the Enterprise Solutions, Gaming as well as to the Air Traffic Control segment, with a vast range of products with a contemporary design approach.

The company’s goal to make premium, quality audio solutions.

They seem to be hitting the market at a good time – with more people working from home and needing a sanctuary built for one.

The company just launched its ADAPT line of headsets:

ADAPT 360: Designed for professionals looking for a stylish headset that meets the demands of their busy lifestyle. Available in both black and white, the ADAPT 360 adapts to its wearer, and supports EPOS’ mission in delivering superior audio quality and performance without compromising on a contemporary design.

The ADAPT 360 MSRP: €249 | $269 | £219

Adapt 400: EPOS’ first-ever wireless neckband headset, the ADAPT 400 Series presents a lightweight yet high-performance headset that matches the needs of the flexible, modern-day workforce – a discreet alternative for busy professionals who don’t necessarily want a full over- the-ear headset. Subtle vibrations for incoming calls and other notifications ensure that professionals will never miss a call and can stay on top of their workload, no matter where they are.

The ADAPT 460 and 460T MSRP: €299 | $329 | £259

ADAPT 560: Delivers extraordinary voice pick-up, quality and comfort, while adapting to the user’s environment. Featuring an all new discreet foldable ‘boom arm’, the ADAPT 560 allows users to adapt to specific audio needs and functions instantly – whether folding the arm down to join a conference call on the move or up to concentrate while working. With two additional advanced microphones built into the boom arm itself, the ADAPT 560 is specifically designed to pick up voice-audio and ensures that quality is crystal-clear, no matter the type of call users take.

The ADAPT 560 MSRP: €299 | $329 | £259

Adapt 660: Fusing ground-breaking EPOS AITM technology with sleek, contemporary design, ADAPT 660 is the first of its kind enabling voice pick-up through AI technology, thus emphasizing EPOS’ ambition of staying forefront of what is technically possible, while never compromising on user-experience and ease. With Alexa Voice Assistant, professionals can stay organized – from planning meetings to adjusting schedules – ensuring seamless productivity when on the move. The ultimate audio companion for today’s mobile workforce.

The ADAPT 660 MSRP: €399 | $439 | £349

EPOS VP of R&D Jesper Kock explains that as more data is being exchanged between devices, AI is becoming an important factor. Machines will be able to predict a user’s behavior and intentions he says. AI in a device will act as a decision-maker based on what it knows the user wants.

EPOS VP of R&D Jesper Kock

The company has numerous neural networks and it analyzes them to see which can provide the proper solutions and detail for various tasks.

Before AI, a headset vendor might supply 10 pre-configured settings to control noise reduction and frequency settings. Now AI can take into account thousands of parameters in the user’s actual surroundings – it can then use ML to block our distractions such as repetitive sounds which improve sound quality.

Likewise – this tech can help the device understand your voice in a busy environment… Very important if you want to be understood by a voice assistant like Alexa.

We haven’t tried the headsets yet but the company has spared no expense with the materials we have seen so far and if this is any indication, there is a major new player in the premium audio, enterprise and gaming markets.

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