Exclusive Pre-Con Content at ITEXPO / MSP Expo: Take Back Control Over Social Media, Build Your Own Social Media Network

One-minute Read by Thomas B. Cross – CEO TECHtionary.com

No one would argue that customer, corporate, stakeholder, press and any other form of business or any other kind of communication is terribly difficult.  In this toxic media-driven world, the most innocent words and images are generally taken in the worst possible way. 

This is not new, I wrote thirty years ago about “flaming emails” that people often interpret email messages in the worst possible way.  What social media has taught us is that people are listening, watching and all-too-often commenting on what you do, how your business operates, what customers really believe and more.

Seriously, it is time to delete all social media accounts and build your own social network instead of responding to all the toxic nonsense,  mis/disinformation (anti-vaxers), cyberbullies, shamers, haters, privacy violations, fake and deep fake news. With your own social media platform, you have the ability to promote your own internal and external content messaging and much more.

For example, an increasing number of CEO’s are involved in company messaging talking publicly to all stakeholders with their own message bypassing corporate communications.  Having your own social network, the CEO and the company has control over the messaging. In addition, managing corporate gossip channels adding transparency, bringing closeness and clarity to the issues at hand to all audiences. Taking this further there are many compelling reasons and key areas where building your own social network is vital to industry, market and company leadership as it:

  • Improves company “Thought Leadership”
  • Guides influencer-endorsement marketing
  • Improves sales lead generation
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Engages more effectively with customers
  • Provides a platform for customer feedback and collaboration
  • Presents customers with ideas on trending global issues
  • Provides insights into emerging business/tech trends
  • Increases corporate, IR and press transparency
  • Provides insights into global/market research
  • Provides insights into industry/economic outlook
  • Provides guidance and proactive responses to competitors
  • Mitigates crisis communications

If you look at each one of them, they are all important to either increasing revenues, reducing costs and sustaining business resiliency. Through your own social network, you can build upon these issues, control your own content and not allow others to direct your corporate communications.

Summary – In today’s nanosecond messaging driven world, you cannot predict, you don’t have time to react, you can only direct your own messaging.  If you want to know more this concept is presented exclusively in TMCnet Selling UP Market UP Margin Technology to SMB & Enterprise Certification class at ITEXPO / MSP Expo part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW. Register for this pre-conference now.


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