Exclusive Presentation at ITEXPO/MSP Expo – Top 10 Opportunities for Cloud Solutions including Green Ones

One-minute Read by Thomas B. Cross – CEO TECHtionary.com

This is an excerpt from the TMCnet Selling UP Market UP Margin Technology to SMB & Enterprise Certification class at ITEXPO / MSP Expo about key opportunities for cloud solutions.

This content comes from an article written in collaboration with Evan Kristel on cloud solutions. What I asked CIOs and IT analysts during conversations about their plans and strategies for cloud, I often ended up in in-depth discussions on whether the cloud should be green or not.  There was nearly a universal response that moving from on-premise black to cloud was not meant to be moving one set of climate-changing emissions from one place to another.  It was mean with the hope that cloud providers would be using, considering and incorporating into their data IT infrastructure plans built greener data centers and cloud systems than what they are doing now. 

One CIO said, “we are not trading one black cloud for another one, we expect a greener approach to any cloud provider we use.”  In other conversations regarding the myriad of cloud solutions, green cloud was just one of the many new challenges for any future plans including understanding the political impacts of a “green new deal.”  Another said, “if what we are doing is not hard enough, adding being green is another smackdown on what we do, yet if we don’t do it there will be hell to pay.”  Drilling deeper into conversations to what I was really looking for was, how fast were there plans to move from internal data centers to the cloud? 

The answers were as vague as with going green cloud.  Yet here are just some of the opportunities for green, hybrid, multi and other kinds of clouds:

6 – Human resources – hiring, compliance

          – Starts with people in groups

7 – Manufacturing resource planning – MRP

          – Starts on the floor

8 – Communications – messaging – conferencing

          – Starts with communications

9 – Personal services – docs, collaboration

          – Starts with you

10 – Facility services

          – Starts with structures

The other opportunities will be presented in the class and you can register below.

However, to understand opportunities for any kind of cloud or any other kind of technology, one needs to step-back and be patient for a while or long time. Some of those interviewed simply said, they will never move all of their IT to the cloud or at not least not in the short-term.  Among the many responses, many of the key considerations for delay are company intellectual property, user/customer security, core competence and even business inertia.  “EOL-end of life is not a fixed time our business cycle, we know we need to do but when can be a long time,” one CIO noted.  However, the idea that moving any application should have a zero-zero – zero impact on business and zero environment has strong appeal by those interviewed. 

Summary: Zero-zero emissions or green cloud is a goal and a rising trend for businesses of all sizes, however, it is more than IT to make this a reality.  This concept is presented exclusively in TMCnet Selling UP Market UP Margin Technology to SMB & Enterprise Certification class at ITEXPO / MSP Expo part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW.


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