Glance Networks Co-Browsing: The Lubricant for the Knowledge-Worker Gig Economy

In 2005 we reviewed and used a solid screen-sharing service, from Glance Networks. It was fantastic for sales presentations as well as tech support – allowing you to take control of a computer remotely.

Fast forward fifteen years and the company has changed its co-browsing model and is growing quickly.

Here is the amazing part. Their success was made by doing things differently than the pack.

In our opinion, the move to BYOD really started with Netscape Navigator in the 1990s when workers started to play with the browser and eventually forced management and It to sanction browsing. From there, the movement continued until iPhones also were introduced to the enterprise from the bottom up.

In 1995, Glance was a free download that you could pay for and use.

Now, however, the company sells top-down and there is great demand for its features and functions.

They bucked the BYOD trend and won.

Here is how it works – Glance is the electronic representation of face-to-face sales and service in a secure and compliant manner. The term the company uses is “Digital Experiences that Rival Face-to-Face Interactions.”

Face-to-face is not entirely descriptive because the agent at the organization can see the caller but not the other way around. In other words, it’s a one-way visual interaction.

Think of it as enabling contact center agent communications where the agent can be seen and they can take control of the screen.

Really though, Glance Networks is an enabler of digital transformation.

This is how.

Companies are under constant pressure to increase revenue and EBITDA and the Internet can make it easier to start, run and manage an organization. The challenge of course, is new entrants can come into the market and compete more easily. Also, customers can quickly price-shop, making more and more business services seem like a commodity.

One solution is to drop prices and margins and hope rapid growth will attract the interest of an acquirer. Or perhaps – rapid growth will allow the sales of ancillary services at a later date that will yield profit.

Another option is to go up-market and differentiate based on superior service.

Apple is a great example of this. Many people complain Apple devices are way over-priced but built into the product is Apple Stores where technicians can help solve problems. Consumers obviously value Cupertino’s products enough to spend extra on their phones and computers.

Many companies would love to be able to charge more than the competition and the award-winning Glance Networks can either help here or lower the cost for providing superior service which will increase customer loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty, customers reward companies using this technology with a higher NPS – likely because seeing the live agent makes it tougher to rate them poorly. They also treat agents better – we all know people who are nicer in-person than on social media. This tech brings virtual interactions into the realm of reality.

Here are some specifics about the platform:

What is it? A service that allows your workers to see, show and share instantly.

Compliance: The platform supports PCI, PII, GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 27001.

Security: Areas of the screen can be masked out so agents cannot see driver’s license numbers, etc. These portions of the screen never touch the Glance service.

Industries: Financial, insurance, SaaS, healthcare, retail and hospitality are the major spaces.

Title within customer organization: Line of business owner, head of product and head of transformation are a few.

Pricing: Can be per named user or hybrid which is ideal for internal/external use

Platforms: Works across computers and mobile devices. Nothing to download. Service is cloud-based.

Tech integration: Allows a legacy contact center to take advantage of the latest tech without a forklift upgrade

Extensibility: SDKs exist for various platforms. APIs as well.

The story so far is a good one. A secure technology enabling companies to deliver services in a premium manner. Allowing them to increase sales, cross-selling and upselling. Keeping customers happier and yielding higher NPS.

This is where it gets interesting.

Intuit went from using the service as a customer support tool to launching an online consulting practice via Glance. In other words, they now can help do your taxes for you – just like your local CPA.

Any company in fact which fits the model can sell expert services in this manner. If your organization has expertise – whatever it is, you can now parlay this into consulting hours.

We are in a gig economy and there are many people with deep expertise who can sell this for a price to a company or those in need.

Glance Networks truly acts as a lubricant for the knowledge-worker gig economy.

We recently had a face-to-face interview with CEO, Tom Martin, Founder & EVP, Rich Baker and Senior Director of Marketing, Bob Hebeisen.

It was the start of their “Glance Across America” initiative, which will bring Tom, Rich and their colleagues to prospects and customers around the country. On this leg, the tour will make stops in Trumbull, CT, Pittsburgh, Columbus, OH, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and Salt Lake City. It will culminate at Dreamforce in San Francisco

Above, are a few pictures of the Glance custom van Tom will be driving.

They will bring the van to ITEXPO in the 2020 leg.

Speaking of which…

Where do organizations with $8.5 billion in total buying power plan their 2020 budgets?

Where do they learn about the latest in everything business tech… CPaaS, Collaboration, UCaaS, the Channel, IT, IOT, Edge, Cybersecurity, AI, SD-WAN, and the Future of Work?

The world’s only ITEXPO #TechSuperShow, Feb 12-14, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Come meet with industry leaders… Cisco, Google, BlueJeans, Intrado, Google, Konftel, Oracle, Singtel, Telstra, Windstream Enterprise, Yealink and more!


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