Lifesize Dash Aims to Eliminate Zoom Tax

Since we met Lifesize at an industry event in 2007, the company has stuck to its core mission of providing very high-quality video conferencing at a more reasonable cost than market alternatives.

The company’s recent news carries on with this tradition. They have announced an alternative to Zoom Rooms and others that makes every meeting space ready for video collaboration but without Zoom’s hefty price tag.

According to the company, Lifesize’s new room kit eliminates the hidden “Zoom tax” and extends interoperability so companies can keep their hardware investments. Lifesize is also launching a new app to make it even easier to start and join a meeting–no laptop needed.

Michael Helmbrecht, chief operating officer for Lifesize

These enhancements include a new free licensing model that allows organizations to immediately save up to $1000 per room per year as compared to alternatives like Zoom Rooms. The company also released an updated tablet-based Lifesize Room Controller application for Dash and expanded Dash compatibility with PC-based meeting room kit solutions. This enables customers to repurpose existing hardware investments and migrate to Lifesize without incurring additional costs, resulting in substantial savings across all video-equipped rooms.

“Video conferencing is a critical component of organizations’ long-term communication strategy; however, the cost and complexity of getting started remain significant barriers to adoption,” said Michael Helmbrecht, chief operating officer for Lifesize. “Lifesize Dash represents the highest quality, most scalable path to capitalize on meeting rooms and the existing hardware kits within them, unlocking the potential for organization-wide video collaboration. By making Dash available to customers at no cost, we aim to help them mitigate their frustrations with competitive solutions, reduce per-room licensing and interoperability fees – the ‘room tax’ or ‘Zoom tax’ – and achieve higher ROI from video initiatives.”

“With these Dash enhancements, Lifesize has addressed several longstanding barriers to adoption – cost, compatibility and ease of use,” said Ira M. Weinstein, managing partner at analyst firm Recon Research. “The free meeting room software license is especially interesting. Many providers offer freemium models for personal conferencing, but freemium for meeting room video conferencing takes things to the next level. Lifesize continues to challenge the status quo, and its users (including the folks at Recon Research) reap the benefit.”

“We always seek to help companies get the utmost value out of their video conferencing investments, including room kit solutions, while also making the technology easier to use and manage,” said Michael. “Through this new approach to Dash, we’re enabling organizations to effortlessly scale and integrate video communication into their workflows, meeting rooms and company culture without worrying about costs on the software side. Other providers offer similar setups, but at a steep price point, especially when customers want to connect externally with different video services and devices. With Lifesize Dash licenses, that desired interoperability is included as part of the package, rather than adding fees and hassle.”

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