Mutare Unveils Mutare Voice Spam Filter

Robocalls as a plague and consumers, the telecom industry, Congress and the FCC all agree things need to change. We’ve seen the tremendous response to the upcoming TMCnet webinar on Stir/Shaken as a result. This is the technology promoted by the SIP Forum to eliminate the robocall problem.

Thankfully there are numerous solutions emerging to fight the scourge of spam phone calls.

MUTARE, INC. unveiled the Mutare Voice Spam Filter, part of its Mutare Voice call screening and missed call completion product portfolio.

“In 2019, fifty percent of all calls to an enterprise will be from a robocaller,” said Chuck French, Chief Growth Officer at Mutare. “We’ve developed a solution that will stop robocalls before they ever reach a phone extension. Mutare Voice Spam Filter will reduce the enormous frustration these calls create and save businesses time and money.”

The Mutare Voice Spam Filter relies on modern SIP digital communication. It examines the signaling information transmitted with the SIP call to identify the caller ID. Within a fraction of a second, the filter checks the caller ID against enterprise white and blacklists, as well as a dynamic robocall list(s).

“The voice spam filter is wickedly fast, screening calls in a few hundred milliseconds, and can process over 150 calls per second. The system is fully automated and designed with a “do no harm” approach ensuring calls are completed even if the system fails,” said Rich Quattrocchi, Mutare’s VP of Digital Transformation.

Mutare is currently conducting beta tests of the solution, with expected general availability slated for July 2019.

This is exciting news for the telecom industry, businesses and consumers alike!

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