Nureva Expands It’s Line of High-Quality Conferencing Microphone Solutions

Last year we introduced you to Nureva – the pure-play audio-conferencing specialist. This is what we had to say then:

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system contains Microphone MIST technology – the company’s big differentiator with 8,192 (a factor of 12) virtual microphones that give complete audio pickup anywhere in a 30×30 room. The system self-calibrates, even in a glass room. It also has a simple 3 wire install.

Microphone Mist uses learning algorithms to identify and ignore persistent, undesired sound sources (HVAC and display fans) in real-time. Undesired sounds are preemptively ignored instead of being captured and removed through complex post-processing.

The Microphone Mist Technology has:

  • Patented continuous autocalibration regardless of room configuration or the number of people moving around the room
  • Built-in patented sound masking
  • Patented position-based automatic gain control
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Full-duplex transmission

Mist microphones cover a room more thoroughly than desktop omnidirectional and beamforming technology.

Today, we had a video interview with James Rempel, Nureva’s Director, Product Management, Adrian Doughty, Director, North American Sales and Shari-Lynn Sare, Public Relations Manager.

Part of the interview was showing how well the microphones worked – Adrian varied his voice from normal to a whisper and it was impressive to see how well the sound came through.

We haven’t ever heard this level of dynamic range before this demo. It was very impressive.

The company explained the benefits of Mist Vs. beamforming. For example, no dead zones, signal confusion due to overlapping beams or background noise in beams.

The company will be releasing a new hardware solution, the HDL200 which ships in June.

It’s quite a beautiful device and it is designed for the needs of meeting spaces up to 18′ x 18′ (5.5 x 5.5 m). The HDL200 is 46.4″ W x 4.8″ H (1.18 x 0.12 m) with 10 front-facing microphones to offer maximum installation flexibility. It can be mounted above or below a display, on the wall (mounting bracket included) or on a mobile stand. Supporting third-party meeting room peripherals was also a design consideration, with the option of a cleverly designed optional magnetic camera mount and a display mount. The HDL200 also has an integrated full-color display that is perfectly sized for small rooms to give in-room participants helpful information such as time, volume and mute on/off. Further enhancements are envisioned through future integrations with other products such as room control, building information management and room booking systems.

Nureva Console is coming this spring as well – it is a cloud-based platform allowing the centralized management of Nureva audio conferencing solutions. James says a client runs on the meeting room computers. Some of the benefits include easy updates, better integration with third-parties and an added year of warranty on the system… From two to three years. Another bit of exciting news – the company should have an open API by year’s end.

Companies waste a lot of time setting up meetings – many studies show that there is often tech and other challenges that cause time to be wasted. In addition, sound quality can be a problem – causing conversations to be less than ideal. Typically, some of the highest-paid people are in meetings meaning a greater cost to lost productivity.

James said they are looking at the other end of the conversation – or home solutions to ensure better sound on both ends of the conversation.

Getting back to the HDL200. It is a high-quality solution, for smaller rooms and costs about half the price of the larger HDL300 system. Sound quality is very important in conference calls. As many of us are in quarantine, we have all had the displeasure of participating in many more conference calls with poor quality. We all now know the challenges of participating in remote calls where you can’t hear everything happening.

This is good news for Nureva as their value proposition will be far easier to get across as more people can identify with the problem they solve.

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