Recently I had a chance to meet with executives at Objectworld and I couldn’t help but walk away impressed with the technology the company has developed. Their two products consist of CallAttendant which allows you to connect your existing PBX to their unified messaging and unified communications solution. The company also develops UC Sever affording you all the features of CallAttendant with a SIP-based VoIP phone system thrown in for good measure.
The company feels it is positioned very well for the wave of convergence taking place in communications and they are quick to point out that VoIP in and of itself does not signify convergence but it is when applications become converged that convergence is truly happening.
UC Server is software based and since it is 100% SIP based there is no legacy technology to worry about. Since the system is hardware agnostic you can leverage Moore’s law to grow your company with ever-faster servers.
The company believes it is positioned well as it sells to IT VARs and its solutions are easy to configure. For example the system presents you with a tab in Active Directory and uses Microsoft Wizardsto configure the UC system.
In addition it auto discovers phones from companies like Aastra, Polycom and Snom. Although their sweet spot is 50-400 users their systems can scale to the thousands of users.
There are two reasons why resellers should take this company very seriously. The first is 45% margins and the second is their guarantee of the solution – including support, from end to end (depending on phone model).
They think SIP will do for communications what the USB port has done for computing. I would agree that SIP has indeed leveled the telecom playing field and the irony is you can actually put Objectworld’s Unified Communicator on a USB-based memory stick if you so choose.
But still I would add the comments above about Moore’s Law to the mix of why telecom will never bee the same. It is the power of SIP + HMP that really enables the next generation of communications solutions to flourish. In addition it allows small companies in communications to innovate with grandiose vision.

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