Orange Business Services Wants to Lead The Internet of Enterprises

Orange has done a good job owning the term Internet of Enterprises.

The moniker combines IoT with the idea that the enterprise is in the center of digital transformation.

These are the areas Orange sees as technology enablers according to Helmut Reisinger, CEO:

Helmut Reisinger, CEO, Orange Business Services
  • 5G and edge computing enables the real-time enterprise, connecting IoT devices at scale. Edge computing will grow in importance as an intermediary data processing point between the cloud and the IoT devices or endpoints to help facilitate real-time, on-the-go decisions
  • SD-LAN (software-defined LAN) will be essential to manage network segmentation, based on people and machine identity instead of traditional switch and router configurations. It enables you to easily integrate a new group of machines into your network, provide temporary or permanent access to a partner, and protect your network by logically isolating suspicious devices. It also allows you to enable IoT at scale
  • SDx (software-defined everything) enables you to implement business rules across your IT systems to prioritize certain types of traffic or apply additional levels of security protection. It is enabling virtualization of the WAN with SD-WAN, but also the LAN, Wi-Fi and even 5G itself. SDx is all about being able to plan effectively and also react to issues that inevitably arise in the real world – rerouting traffic if there is congestion, for example
  • AIOps (AI for IT operations) is the application of AI to the data logs streaming out of diverse IT systems to predict congestion and other IT problems. It enables us to take corrective action and deliver positive end-user experiences
  • Data lakes and multi-cloud services have become critical to access unstructured and structured data in multiple locations – without having to preprocess it extensively. The key is to have a “cloud right” approach
  • AI and data analytics are enabling the creation of the cognitive enterprise. Data scientists and analysts are able to apply data to address key business problems and use AI to look for answers in data at scale
  • Chatbots: AI and automation is also vital for better customer service delivery by freeing up staff to deal with more complex problems. Chatbots can use natural language processing to answer routine questions from customers and employees in retail banking or for internal IT service help desks
  • The connected workplace complements chatbots by embedding communications into business processes using a communications platform as a service
  • Value chain cyberdefense: protecting operational technologies like connected IoT devices, as well as monitoring the security logs streaming out of them, and traditional IT systems is a vitally important area. Today, hackers can use Internet-enabled operational technologies, being serviced by third parties, as a back door into your network. And, we have a responsibility to ensure our suppliers and partners are able to keep our customers’ data safe and secure

The company has assigned a new leadership team to take advantage of the huge opportunity they see.

“This announcement is part of a transformation within Orange Business Services to achieve our ambition to become a leader in the Internet of Enterprises, a new business ecosystem where people, objects, processes and infrastructures are constantly connected and sharing data along the digital value chain,” explains Helmut.

The following people are part of this sweeping change:

Aliette Mousnier-Lompré: head of Customer Service and Operations (CSO) 
The Customer Service and Operations (CSO) team is now led by Aliette Mousnier-Lompré. With 8,000 employees located across five continents, this entity designs, builds and operates the industrial production of all managed services through a 24×7 model covering all geographies. Aliette was previously Vice President Global Enterprise Networks at Orange International Network Infrastructures (OINIS).

Paul Joyce: head of Orange Global Solutions for Business (OGSB) 
Paul Joyce now leads Orange Global Solutions for Business (OGSB). He is in charge of accelerating Orange Business Services’ (News – Alert) core business and services growth, notably in the area of SDx connectivity, collaboration solutions and the recently integrated contact center activities. Paul led Customer Service and Operations (CSO) since 2012 and has made Orange Business Services theglobal benchmark in terms of customer service and experience. He takes over from Didier Duriez, who will take on new responsibilities at a French NGO.

Valérie Cussac: head of Smart Mobility Services 
Valérie Cussac assumes responsibility of the new Smart Mobility Services entity. As digital transformation is evolving, so do our business customers’ needs: this move is in line with the much anticipated arrival of 5G. This new entity will create even tighter links between mobile workspaces and IoT activities, focusing on three verticals, such as Automotive, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities / Buildings. Prior to this role, Valérie successfully managed Orange Business Services’ mobile leadership in France and built the engine for our services growth in France and internationally.

Pierre-Louis Biaggi: head of Digital and Data 
Pierre-Louis Biaggi now leads the Digital and Data entity with the objective to allow customers to capture the power of data and digital to innovate and rinvent their business. Leveraging more than 3,500 consultants, developers and data scientists, as well as an open ecosystem of partners, Pierre-Louis will focus on growing Orange Business Services around Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, user experience, software integration and e-health. He was previously in charge of the Connectivity Business Unit, making Orange Business Services a global leader in SD-WAN. He takes over from Béatrice Felder who will take key responsibilities for the Group.

Anne-Sophie Lotgering: Chief Marketing and Digital Officer 
Anne-Sophie Lotgering has been appointed as Chief Marketing and Digital Officer. A new enterprise-wide entity focused on customer experience, digital, innovation, marketing and communication, supports the ambition of Orange Business Services to engage customers with a consistent value proposition, content and tools that better speak to their ever-changing business models, requirements and values. Anne-Sophie was previously General Manager at Microsoft (News – Alert) Services, Central & Eastern Europe and held various senior positions at Orange.

“I am sure that Orange Business Services has the leadership capacity to leverage the value of our skilled teams, assets, services and recent acquisitions for the benefit of our customers. I warmly thank Didier and Béatrice for their instrumental roles in Orange Business Services growth and transformation during the past years,” concludes Helmut.

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