Prodoscore Finds Greater Productivity When Working from Home

Productivity intelligence and employee visibility software company Prodoscore has been making a good deal of news lately. They announced integration with RingCentral – by leveraging the UCaaS leader’s Open APIs, Prodoscore can provide RingCentral customers with data and analytics. Prodoscore enables managers to provide their people with feedback, support and guidance that enhances their productivity and performance. 

Thomas Moran, Chief Strategy Officer at Prodoscore, said “Our customers require seamless integration of technology to enhance their employees’ experience. Communication, collaboration and the right information at the right time are needed to ensure employees are engaged, productive, and reaching the highest levels of performance. The RingCentral and Prodoscore integration highlights the importance of digital transformation taking place at businesses everywhere.” 

The Prodoscore integration with RingCentral gives mutual customers actionable quantitative and qualitative insights that help to improve and better predict employee performance. 

“As we continue to grow our ecosystem of partners it’s great to see partners like Prodoscore build applications using our APIs and also participate in go-to-market activities with us so we can mutually address and meet the growing needs of our customers,” said David Lee, vice president, Platform Products at RingCentral. “Together with our open platforms, we provide integrated workflows that can drive business efficiencies.” 

At a panel during Tuesday’s World Economic Forum, Jes Staley, Chief Executive at Barclays, said with regards to working from home, “It’s remarkable it’s working as well as it is, but I don’t think it’s sustainable.” And Mary Erdoes from JPMorgan Chase & Co. said for employees to focus, “It is fraying. It is hard. It takes a lot of inner strength and sustainability (without) the energy that you get from being around other people,” said Erdoes.

Sam Naficy, CEO of Prodoscore, has a different opinion and said, “After analyzing over 105 million data points collected from 30,000 U.S.-based Prodoscore users, we believe remote workers are in fact effective when given support, flexibility and good coaching. Our data revealed a 5% increase in productivity year over year, challenging the assumption by business leaders that employees working from home are less productive than when working on-site in an office.  This data shows a sea of change (and opportunity) across the country.  Leaders we talk to are more and more open to the idea of allowing employees to work remotely, and software like ours is playing a big role. Prodoscore saw significant traction and market adoption in 2020, raising two rounds of capital in Q2 and Q4.”

Obviously there are many factors to consider when determining productivity. For workers with long commutes, the extra time they can devote to work by staying at home is a bonus to employers. The flipside is the mental health aspect of working in the same room on a daily basis with little interaction with the outside world besides potentially toxic social media communications.

The future of work will obviously be more remote than ever and as a result, tools like Prodoscore can come in quite handy when trying to optimize worker productivity while accessing top talent, regardless of where they reside or want to work.

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